Long Service Awards

Long Service Awards

We would like to congratulate everyone who received a Long Service Award at the Royal Norfolk Show 2024!

John Cater for 37 years of service at Raynham Farm Company Ltd

Stephen Moore for 39 years of service at Orman Ltd

Robert Riseborough for 43 years of service at Delta Farming Ltd

Gary Dawes for 43 years of service at Orman Ltd

Suzanne Meen for 43 years of service to Orman Ltd

Keith Debbage for 45 years of service to Norfolk

Colin Pearce for 46 years of service at D C West Farms

Richard Beck for 47 years of service at R J Moore & Partners

Neville Ribbands for 47 years of service at Billockby Farms Ltd

Kevin Banham for 47 years of service at J.E.Spratt

Richard Burton for 48 years of service at MD Wright & Partners

Philip Warnes for 49 years of service

Christopher Tanner for 50 years of service to Norfolk

The Long Service Award scheme recognises long service and loyalty to employees who have worked in the agricultural industry in Norfolk for a period of forty years or more. Nominated individuals have included machinery operators, tractor drivers, game keepers, stockmen and foresters. The nomination process runs annually and in advance of the Royal Norfolk Show. Recipients and their spouses are invited, as guests of the RNAA, to an award ceremony which takes place on the second day of the Royal Norfolk Show. Awards are presented by the RNAA President and award winners and their spouses are then entertained to lunch in the Vice Presidents’ pavilion. Any paid member of the Association may make a nomination.

The Long Service Award will be made to a person nominated by a paid member of the RNAA who has made an outstanding contribution to working in the Agri-Food sector for a period of forty years or more.


• The award is given for outstanding contribution to those who work on farms and in businesses directly supporting the Agri-Food sector.
• The nomination must be made by a paid member of the RNAA, usually the employer of the individual nominated.
• One award can be given to an individual within each 10-year period of continuous employment with the acknowledgement there may be exceptional circumstances such as retirement which will be considered on an individual basis.
• The nominee and a guest will be invited to lunch at the Royal Norfolk Show. A maximum of four supporters of the nominee can purchase lunches to celebrate with the nominee, usually employers of the nominee or direct family members.

Guidance Notes:
Examples of suitable candidates:
• Those who work on family farms or within the food or countryside sectors and have done so for a sustained period of time (forty years and more).
• Examples of previous winners include farm workers, stockmen, tractor drivers, gamekeepers, farm secretaries and foresters.
Those NOT eligible:
• Stewards: currently become Hon. VPs or Members on retirement pro-rata to their length of continuous service (the formula is one year for every five served).
• Employees of the RNAA who are recognised in other ways.
• Trade Stand holders: as they are commercial exhibitors

The Long Service Award application for 2024 here – has now closed.